Finding Your Voice

You’re blogging (or thinking about it) or puzzling through your social media presence. Note: If you’re still deciding whether blogging is for you, read this.

Finding your voice means you truly believe what you say and it becomes a heartfelt part of you—not just words. It’s instrumental in how well and how quickly you’ll influence others and draw them to you. Think purpose, point of view and style.

Start with clarity about the purpose of your blog. Why are you writing? Do you want to spread a big idea? Sell your work? Or build a bigger platform for yourself as an expert?

Each requires a different thought process and a unique voice. For example: spreading an idea means telling stories and engaging others, including offering resources beyond your own to create a community of believers and doers.

A clear, preferably compelling, point of view is essential. Blogging (or tweeting or pinning) is your chance to build trust and reputation and expand your audience. Spend the time you need to articulate your point of view. Be sure it showcases what you uniquely bring to the table. Tip: think 3-4 short paragraphs that translate your work/beliefs into a series of practical statements.

And then there’s style. Just as two sopranos develop dramatically different vocal styling, so must you. Hint: the best blogs and social media posts tend to mimic how you speak. Why is that? Because it’s a slice of the real you, which means when you do “meet” your audience, you’ll ring true to their on-line experience. Trying to pose will backfire and waste your time investment.

Do spend a little time preparing before diving in, but not overly much. The most important step is to begin. Your voice will follow.


  • Your messages are always so timely, Rochelle. I am picking up the pace of my blogging significantly of late and know I need to find my “voice”. Thanks for your encouraging words that it “will follow”!

  • You are so right that the voice matters. For me it gets interesting as I will post (not blog) to several sites. The common denominator is that I tweet when I post. In the beginning -on one site, it was only obvious that it was me if you knew my voice but we decided that all posts there would be essentially in my name.

  • Aaron, I’m glad you found it encouraging. It’s a process, no doubt. Keep at it!

  • Corey, thanks for pointing that out–one’s voice can be expressed in so many ways….

  • Great post! I am a new blogger and reading posts like this are definitely great advice! I am trying to brand myself professionally as a brander, and use my personal experience and opinions to create the most of the content for my blog posts. However, sometimes I feel that people don’t want to read my quirky side comments or about any backstory. It’s good to know that readers enjoy reading posts that mimic how I actually think and speak instead of posing to be something I’m not. Thanks for the reassurance!

  • Welcome Amanda–thanks for your thoughts. It’s your personal experiences and voice that distinguish you from everyone else. You go girl!

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