Developing Your Client Avatar

It’s tempting—especially if it’s early in your incarnation as a business owner—to define your audience in broad sweeps. CEOs of middle market companies, couples with assets of $2-$5 million, business owners looking to sell.

But most of us aren’t serving a wide market—we’re serving a niche. And the more compelling (and memorable) we make that niche, the richer the opportunities that flow our way.

Instead of obsessing (and getting stuck) over the words that will define your niche, think “avatar” instead.

Your client avatar: the virtual embodiment of the demographic and psychographic aspects of your ideal client.

Why an avatar?

Because it gives you a tangible way to get inside the head of your ideal client. To get clear on what she’s thinking and feeling. On where he hangs out and what matters deeply to him. On their fears, hopes and dreams.

The more you know about your ideal clients, the faster you will spot them, attract them into your orbit and make powerful, lasting connections.

Start with your very best clients—current or past. The ones you would replicate 1000 times over if you could. Picture them in your mind. List all the traits that they have in common. What are their ages, gender, family status, location and income? What are their values, beliefs, lifestyles and interests?

Then pinpoint the one or two things that made them work as a great client for you.

Dig deep—this isn’t a casual exercise.

Your goal is to create a single avatar that represents your best relationships with those who most value your work.

An avatar you can tap into to create compelling, results-driven marketing, selling and branding.

Because your marketing and selling time is too precious to waste.

Image credit: Jeff Eamer


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