Craving Roses

“But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.”
Anne Bronte

Roses go to the daring. Those willing to risk occasional flesh-piercing to enjoy the succulent beauty of the rose.

Are you daring enough?

Chances are you’ve burned the boats at least once. You needed to make a big, outrageous commitment and you lit the torch. Unless you’re a serial entrepreneur, you reserve boat burning for very special occasions.

But how good are you at making the smaller—yet pivotal—decisions that build your confidence and appetite for the big game? At flirting with defeat?

To embrace the client that makes your heart pound because they want something bigger than you’ve ever done. To publish a piece that takes conventional wisdom and whacks it upside the head. To appear on the international stage for the first time, armed only with a bodaciously big idea.

No thorns=no rose.

What rose are you craving?

p.s. If the lovely rose cake made and photographed by I am baker tempts you, learn how to make it here.


  • Whenever I begin to feel uncomfortable about doing anything, it means I’m in the same neighborhood with the thorns.

    I’m beginning to embrace these moments and like them more and more.

    Not sure if it’s called being authentic or stepping outside my comfort zone. Either way, I like what I’m feeling.

    Here’s a moment from last year.

  • Steve,
    First, welcome–what a fantastic link to your blog post! Great example of stepping into the unknown and taking risks. I bet you cemented (or sparked) more than a few relationships that day…

  • If a matter would not prove thorny to address it would probably not challenge. Why not rush the stress and develop (and/ or prove) yourself by taking on the riskier projects.
    p.s. just wondering if the icing might be vanilla or, preferable, white chocolate?

  • I notice that when a piece of work is particularly out of my comfort zone, I am giving advice based upon years of experience and intuition. It is often some of my best work. Such advice is never off the cuff, but neither is it tried and true. It is well intuited. Am I the only one who has this experience?

    New subject: I am going to send you a photo of a photo of a beautiful rose. The photo hangs in my dining room. I wanted to attach it here, but cannot. Share it or keep it private. Your call.

  • Alas Corey, the frosting is buttercream. It still makes me want a bite.

    I’m seeing a theme, K.C. You, Corey and Steve all vibe on challenging yourselves–perhaps you’d get bored otherwise? I’d wager dollars to doughnuts that it’s part of your collective success 🙂

    Your rose photo is beautiful! But I need a link in order to post/share it…

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