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The Virtues Of Sharing (Southern-Style)

What happens when a Yankee and a Texan marry? Well in my own case, I inherited a bunch of southern family. I’ve learned to say “y’all” and “bless her heart”. The family tree includes Crutch and Buck, Bubba (seriously), Uncle … Continue reading

Like A Virgin

For the second time in a month, I flew across the country. I flew United first, which was a no-brainer choice. No stops and I could add to the few hundred thousand miles I’d already racked up with them. I … Continue reading

When To Trade Cash For Speed

There are times—probably more often than you think—when trading cash for speed is the perfect move. Accelerating your brand, your work, your business means leveraging your talents wisely… 000000

It’s Not A Life Sentence

I’m always amazed at some of the excuses we use for NOT making changes when, deep down, we know we need to. “I will turn off my existing client base if I change up my message”, when you can’t get … Continue reading

So Ya Wanna Be Perfect? Stop it!

Ah, perfection. That voice in your head that won’t let you release your new website until it is beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt perfect. That says maybe just one more round of revisions to that sales piece, that ground-breaking article, will do the trick. … Continue reading

Craving Roses

“But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.” Anne Bronte Roses go to the daring. Those willing to risk occasional flesh-piercing to enjoy the succulent beauty of the rose. Are you daring enough? Chances are … Continue reading