Born This Way

Lady Gaga got it right: “You’re on the right track baby, you were born this way.”

She has raised integrity branding to an art form—by being exquisitely attuned to who she is, the music and costumes she wants to create, how her big idea serves the world and the “little monsters” who are drawn to her.

Ready to channel yourself some Gaga?

Start with this: what lights you up? Not necessarily what clients demand of you or what has made you gobs of dough, but what gets you so jazzed you can’t wait to get to work.

That’s the nugget.

Because being a Gaga is about stoking the fire in your belly. It’s relentlessly focusing on what matters most and stripping away the non-essential.

Once you do that, your personal marketing and branding becomes so much simpler. You sing your tune, not your competitors’. And you will captivate clients who deeply desire the big, bold, bodacious things only you can offer.

Now is not the time to be shy. What were you born to do?


  • A great nugget indeed Rochelle – Lou Reed once said “I do me better than anyone else”.

    Here’s my post on Lady G

    My best to you from UK


  • Hi Peter–welcome! Really enjoyed your post on Gaga and her MBA lessons. She is truly a powerhouse from which we can all learn something.

  • The whole concept behind my line of work — making a difference in people’s lives (still six words) — involves using skills and experience to effect positive outcomes or mitigate, if not arrest, bad things. It took some time to evolve and define my practice to reflect not just skills and experience but recognize engaging me brings validation. At the same time limiting the opportunities one takes could make it less likely you live in the laps of luxury. I had a great chat with a friend who is also an a former elected official and practices lobbying from the confines of a law firm. He pointed out the need to earn enough to keep fund three children in college. The point remains not everyone can attain Gaga-like resources to meet their needs and maintain the level of integrity you want. I sometimes ponder what choices I would make absent the academic achievement of my eldest and the lack of a need to fund his higher education

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