Your Brand Neighborhood

The real estate mantra—location, location, location—comes in handy when defining your brand.

Instead of just looking at competitors, think about the neighborhood you’d love to live in, if houses were brands.

Would you be jonesing to live next to Nike? Would the cult of sports performance and celebrity draw you in?

Or maybe you’re more of a Ferrari—high performance, exclusive—candy to a small group of well-heeled fans.

You could be a Tom’s shoes guy—where your big idea (buy one, give one) becomes a cultural zeitgeist.

Can you see that you might want all three in your neighborhood?

But let’s not limit this to the big logos. You might also think of your neighborhood in terms of personalities. Spanish chef Jose Andres. Money maven Suze Ormond. Master coach Tony Robbins.

YOU get to decide who lives in your ‘hood: who inspires you, who you wave to as they head off to work, who you invite to your place for dinner.

Who belongs in your brand neighborhood?


  • Cynthia K Cuyjet

    What a wonderful way to look at the all important ‘branding’! As always, your message inspires thought and reflection…..

    Thank you!

  • I often think of this. I actually help my people look for homes in my neighborhood. My ideal brand neighbor: Bette Midler ~ smart, talented, caring & fun.

  • Thanks Cynthia and Diane! Diane, Bette Midler would LOVE to be your neighbor 🙂

  • The interesting thing one finds: the bigger the playing field, the stage, the client, the greater demand on your time for the duration of any project, campaign, consulting arrangement. The stakes get higher, perhaps so the rewards of success (defined often by the nature of the representation. For me I look at place where folks value validation and integrity. If I mix with celebrities, I want to chat and engage without being caught up in who they might be; I want to find something we share in common and share and allow them to share. It happened just that way when I met a frontman for a band that played at Woodstock who graduated from the same high school.

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