Your X Factor

The grouchy and ever-brilliant Simon Cowell has introduced yet another British remake to American TV: The X Factor.

While it’s a singing competition, it’s the participants’ X factor—sometimes eclipsing their performance—that tugs at our hearts.

There’s the young woman who unleashed her Caribbean accent after years of masking it to fit in. She literally blossomed on-screen once she stepped into her true identity.

Or, the 15-year old boy, perhaps the most original talent of all, released because his attitude didn’t sit well with voters.

Exceptional talent at this level—whether it’s singing, number crunching or consulting advice—is a given. But it’s not enough.

You have to move your audience. That means combining your best talents with your X factor to create a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience.

It’s where magic happens.

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