Your One-Third

What’s the difference between a good year and a great year? Take it from legendary baseball manager Tommy Lasorda: it’s not the big wins, but the toss-ups…

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  • When I first listened to this, I was reminded of a golf story that I think was attributed to the great Jack Nicklaus during the decades when he, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player were the major golf winners. The story was about the difference between a major winner and second place could be as small as a single stroke over the course of 72 holes. A single stroke. Heck, I can lose that on the first hole today. But if that single stroke was on each tournament the difference in money won would become significant. Even today that single stroke difference between first and second place in a single tournament can be as much as $600,000.00. That is a huge difference.
    Now that I have not responded to the 1/3 difference you spoke of I will sign off.

  • Love that story Ed–thanks for sharing! It’s just proof positive that it’s sometimes a small part of what we do that creates the big results…

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