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The Power Of Niche

I’ve heard all the arguments against “niching”—creating a specialty area of expertise and building a highly engaged audience around it. “Niching feels like career suicide.” “I’ve tried it more than once and I just can’t get enough traction to make … Continue reading

Your Brand Neighborhood (Redux)

We tend to talk about competition, most especially when we’re battling head-to-head to win a new client. Competition. Battle. Winning. Is that really what selling our work is all about? Uh, no. Selling—and doing—great work is about deciding who you … Continue reading

Backwards In High Heels

It was famously said of Ginger Rogers that she did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in high heels. Which is what it can be like wrestling clients away from the competition… 000000

Your One-Third

What’s the difference between a good year and a great year? Take it from legendary baseball manager Tommy Lasorda: it’s not the big wins, but the toss-ups… 000000

Your Competition–Three Strategies

You can learn a lot about selling yourself by taking a hard look at your toughest competition. But why stop there? Studying the brands you admire most can jump-start your thinking… 000000

When Your Competition Is Perfection

How many times have you sweated out a proposal or a pitch? Not because you didn’t know what to do, but because you were trying to out-think your competitor. But what if the competition—the real competition—is perfection?  000000