Your Brand, Six Words

With proper credit to the brilliant Larry Smith—who continues to inspire with his Six-Word Memoir project—I offer you a challenge.

Boil down your personal brand to six words. Or less.

To spur your thinking, begin with your life philosophy, how you view the world. Your brand lies within.

Here are some personal favorites from a few more well-known contributors:

“Might as well eat that cookie.” Paula Deen, Southern chef and TV host.

“Every problem has a creative solution.” Donna Karan, fashion designer.

“Write. Mother. Sleep. Repeat as needed.” Shonda Grimes, creator of Gray’s Anatomy.

“Mindy Kaling wore sequins to everything.” Mindy Kaling, actress and comedian.

For a little inspiration, check out Smith’s site and the profound, silly, creative (or all three) missives his readers have shared. Or, try Oprah’s version.

Give it a shot: your brand, six words.


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