Your Brand, Six Words

With proper credit to the brilliant Larry Smith—who continues to inspire with his Six-Word Memoir project—I offer you a challenge.

Boil down your personal brand to six words. Or less.

To spur your thinking, begin with your life philosophy, how you view the world. Your brand lies within.

Here are some personal favorites from a few more well-known contributors:

“Might as well eat that cookie.” Paula Deen, Southern chef and TV host.

“Every problem has a creative solution.” Donna Karan, fashion designer.

“Write. Mother. Sleep. Repeat as needed.” Shonda Grimes, creator of Gray’s Anatomy.

“Mindy Kaling wore sequins to everything.” Mindy Kaling, actress and comedian.

For a little inspiration, check out Smith’s site and the profound, silly, creative (or all three) missives his readers have shared. Or, try Oprah’s version.

Give it a shot: your brand, six words.

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11 Responses to Your Brand, Six Words

  1. Corey Bearak says:

    I like this one. It challenges you on many levels. And I am not a fan of elevator speeches — I am not sure I learn what I want when I hear (and watch) them. For me:

    Making A Difference In People’s Lives

  2. Good add Corey–I love this exercise because it makes you think. I just received one privately from a consultant who said “Conversations must be meaningful and helpful.” It serves us all to focus on the “other”….

  3. Jeff Eamer says:

    Six words: Hmmm? Oh, I got it.

    “I have to pay the rent”

  4. J.R. Bont says:

    This one was easy because I have been working on it for over a year:

    Finding the value in mistakes.

  5. Betty says:

    For my company (Be Quality Associates, a medical device quality systems consulting firm: “Quality System for Quality Medical Devices”

  6. Hi Betty–thanks for joining the conversation!

  7. DK Ghosh says:

    DK Ghosh Management Process Constructor, DK Ghosh Management Problem Solver; DK Ghosh Change Management Expert – does these sound good as a brand name (6 words)…thanks!!

  8. Hi DK–thanks for commenting! Some good questions to ask yourself are “Does it distinguish me from my competitors?” “How is my client better after I’ve worked with them?” You might think about how you uniquely solve problems or manage change–show some of what’s special about working with you. Tie your brand statement to what keeps your clients connected to you…

  9. Seeing the forest AND the trees

  10. I like it Henry–thanks for sharing!

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