What Is Still Inside You Desperate To Get Out?

This morning on my way home from the gym, I witnessed the aftermath of a car crash.

The motorcycle driver was lying in the road and since the EMT’s were not paying any attention to him, I assumed that meant that he was beyond help.

Sure enough, by the time I got home it had been confirmed as a fatal accident.

I’d planned to write a completely different post today, but I can’t stop thinking about this man —he was probably a young guy, just getting started in his life. Who did he leave behind—who will get that phone call that will change their life forever?

And what ideas and potential influence on his world died with him…

Rarely does a week pass that I don’t have a conversation where one of us is grappling with what boils down to this: should we take the risk of pushing out some aspect of ourselves—an idea, a book, a course, a blog post, a video—that has been simmering.

We all struggle with it.

Sometimes, all you need is a chat with the right person and you decide to take action.

It might be the tiniest step—such as an email or a tweet to some potentially kindred spirits to float an idea. (We devoted an entire episode to this on The Business Of Authority if you want some ideas)

But it becomes much easier to act when you realize that holding on to a potentially transformative idea has a cost.

To you, in wondering what might have been had you shared it.

And to those you could have helped who were denied.

So a little potential embarrassment is a small price to pay to keep pushing your big and small ideas forward. To take the risks inherent in building your authority by helping others.

I say that in full awareness of what it feels like to stumble around until you get into the groove of a regular practice of sharing and testing with your sweet-spot.

Here’s the question we all need to ask every day: If your life was suddenly at an end—would you go out with your ideas still simmering inside you or at peace that you’d shared the best of you?

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