What Do You Suck At?

I’d love to take credit for posing this deceptively brilliant question, but that would go to Danielle LaPorte. What do you suck at?

Like her, I believe that “When you cop to your shortcomings a number of wonderful things can happen. You become more accessible to the people around you, you invite other people to step up and shine….you actually don’t have to be awesome at everything. Go figure. Mostly, when you approve of your weaknesses, you give yourself permission to pursue your genius.”

So, what do you suck at?

I’ll start. I suck at:

Fixing stuff. Some people can look at a broken anything—kid’s toy, computer part, plumbing doohickey—and magically know which end goes where. Can’t do it. Have given up trying.

Administrative tasks. I have made reservations for the wrong day (more than once), sent packages to two addresses ago and messed up my accountant’s meticulous spreadsheets.

Being a corporate cheerleader. I suck at pretending to think the latest corporate rah-rah speech is brilliance personified. Give me bold truth and I can work with it. I’m not waiving my pom poms for corporate-speak.

Delegating. There, I said it. I suck at letting other people take over, even when I know I should. My inner control freak does not silence well.

Sitting still. Don’t make me sit through eight hours of talking head workshops or two hour speeches. I suck at sitting motionless in a room without windows. Let me move around and see a little daylight or I am worthless.

Midnight anything. No part of a night owl resides in my body. I suck at doing anything after the clock strikes twelve.

There’s more, trust me. I suck at drawing, algebra, football, video games and pretty much all things requiring hand-eye coordination. And the list goes on and on and on….

But here’s the point. Being conscious of our weaknesses is powerful. Instead of spending precious energy covering them up, cop to them. Then hire those who excel at your suck list.

Which means you can focus on where you are most fabulous. Because that’s where the magic lives.

So, what do you suck at?

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  • Rochelle,

    Great post. I love your honesty and courage for sharing. I like you even more. 😉 Now your strengths: creativity, energy, relationships, problem-solving, sincerity, savvy, and PASSION! Just to name a few.

  • Aw, thanks Jeff! It is definitely freeing to cop to the suck list–and so freaking nice to get compliments for doing it 🙂

  • OK I will throw in a couple of mine.

    Fixing things is also one of mine (My dad was a genius at this. I think it must skip a generation)

    Remembering names

    Being an early riser – Go ahead and send me your midnight to do list and I will take care of if for you. In return I will send you my 5 AM list

    I will not bore you with the rest of volume.

  • Great post Rochelle! I can certainly add to this list, many of which you have already taken credit for. Thanks for sparing me the embarrasment. LOL! Now I can bare my sole with some of mine.
    I suck with having patience with others, especially when they continue to do the same thing time after time.
    I suck with people who have no idea what is happening around them every day. For example, the other night a lady we were having dinner with asked a group of eight “what’s happening at Penn State?”
    I suck with not being able to get my golf game where I would like it to be.
    I suck with people whose only opinion matters is there own. My problem is I can be critical of them for it.
    BTW, there are more, as my wife continually reminds me; but I will leave those between us.

  • Ah my friend, you and I can work well at 5:00 a.m. and often do. I will be interviewed this Thursday at 7:00 a.m. for a radio podcast. When I heard that hour I was excited because I knew I would be at my best.

    I never hire anyone who tells me they are experts in dozens of arenas.

    During the 1930s, Rolls Royce was looking for a U.S. law firm. They interviewed several major law firms and asked them what they know about patent and trademark law. Those firms all said they knew everything about patent and trademark law. One smaller firm said they knew a moderate amount about patent and trademark law, but very much wanted Rolls Royce as a client. They would do whatever work it took to catch up and become experts, and would not charge for their learning curve. Last I knew this mid-sized law firm still did work for that prestigious client.

  • Knowing your weaknesses and strengths makes you more effective. Not the most effective outside shooter or ball handler in my weekend hoops game. Not a most pleasant vocalist. Lousy penmanship. Do not like holding a phone set (prefer the speaker). Not good at waiting in lines. Hate having to attend meetings where the topic and/ or people interest me not so much. Not comfortable with other people driving (three exceptions – you met one). Little tolerance for b.s.

    Another topic might cover what you might be good or good enough at but still might be better off delegating to another. I am probably with you on your 3,4 & 5 paragraph points

  • Hi Rochelle!

    Thanks for the opportunity to let you know what I am no good at!

    Well it’s doing the dull stuff that needs doing but isn’t exciting, like bookwork, office work, putting stuff away where it belongs etc etc. The list goes on…. I’d rather be moving to the next creative project! Oh dear, now I’ve said it, maybe I just need to face up and do it ( until of course I am so successfully creative, or creatively successful, that I can afford to pay someone else to do that dull stuff for me!)

  • I love this, people! Especially that others love what we so clearly suck at. Keep it coming….

  • I suck at keeping a routine.

    I suck at merchandising (YAY! When I finally admitted this and a Merchandising Manager has signed on!)

    I suck at figuring it out for myself. If I don’t know it right off, I want to hire an expert!

    I suck at sending people cards and gifts on their birthdays.

    I embrace the sucki-ness and keep on moving! Thanks, Rochelle, for this opportunity!

  • Good ones ISG! Too much routine sucks the life out of people anyway 🙂

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