The Secret Weapon To Loving Your Work

You started your business in a blaze of excitement and unbridled optimism.

You were beyond thrilled to get your first (and second and third) client and bent over backwards to make sure they were happy.

You did most everything yourself because hey—it costs money to hire people and you’ve got a big nut to hit every month.

Before you knew it, you were doing your client work, coding your own website, writing blog posts, trying to make sense of social media and learning QuickBooks. Oh and there’s that book/training/workshop/speech/webinar you’ve been jonesing to develop but keep putting off. Where would you find the time?

So here you are. Working like a mad man/mad woman but not feeling it. You’d give anything to feel the love again.

You need the secret weapon.

So here it is:

Ask yourself this one question: What lights you up?

And once you know the answer: Do more of it.

Before you say well “duh”, work with me a little.

It’s like cleaning your closet. You decide what you really love and can’t wait to wear and you consign the rest to someone who will love it more.

But most people don’t clear their closet until they absolutely have to. They wait until their stuff has overwhelmed the space and they can’t close the door.

Don’t wait for the implosion.

My client “Jason” has a delightfully simple approach to this. If it’s not directly related to his zone of genius, he finds someone else to do it. He’s built a hugely successful business applying his philosophy to every aspect of his work (and life) and he’s one of the happiest people I know.

In my own case, I’m in flow mode whenever I’m planning something complex (strategy) or creating original content. But once I’ve planned or written or filmed it, I’m ready to hand it off. One of my best decisions EVER was finding the right VA who happily takes this off my hands (and reminds me to keep at it when I falter).

So. What lights YOU up?

I challenge you to whip out your phone or a piece of paper right now and jot down five things that light you up. Got it?

Now next to each one, come up with one thing—just one thing—that you can do to get yourself more of that right now.

Like this: I want to create content for my ideal audience—I will reserve every Friday afternoon to write, phones and email OFF.

Or this: I do my best work when collaborating—I will source three potential new colleagues to help with my assignments.

And this: Leading group workshops makes my heart beat faster—I will network with my tribe and uncover speaking opportunities where I can pitch my talents.

You have the ability to make small—and even crazy big—changes when it frees you to do the work you were born to do.

What lights you up? Do more of THAT.

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  • I have discussed the VA concept and not sure I am there yet. In part, I enjoy those forms of help on certain of the projects I engage in. Some client have staff that get delegated many of these tasks. On campaigns, we build that staff.
    I know big policy ideas light me up; that matters not for every client but it builds my credibility with those I need to “induce” to be helpful to clients and their needs. It creates attention for me to leverage in attracting clients and building and strengthening relations with those I need in my corner to benefit my clients.

  • Rochelle

    I hear you Corey–it took me awhile to hire my first VA. I think it was more about finding the right person I could trust. But once I found Kathy, that was it–I could never go back now…

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