The Reluctant Consultant

You know one. Maybe you are one. You can’t find the work you really want in Corporate-land and so have hung out your shingle. Buyers are often wary of reluctant consultants–and with good reason. They don’t want you to bail mid-project when a “real” job beckons. So, if you are hoping to launch a successful, perhaps even long-term practice, consider some tips:

Create a clear, compelling niche that aligns with your proven strengths. This is not the time to try something completely different—your experience needs to tell a relevant story and prove you can create real results.

Ditch the brochure. Instead, focus on the results you can deliver to your targeted clients. Keep it simple. Can you describe it in a sentence? Then keep working on it.

Deepen and expand your relationships. Every day. When you’re running a corporate function, people come to you. They call, they email, they ask to see you. But when you’re the one selling? Not so much.

The trick is simple: dedicate yourself to getting better with every single interaction. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll kiss “reluctant” goodbye.

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