Moon Reaching, Star Landing

You know the expression: If you reach for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars. Case in point: New York Jets coach Rex Ryan who led a disheartened, ravaged team with a rookie quarterback to an AFC playoff berth.

What were the keys to his success that might work for you?

Have a plan: Rex Ryan arrived at his job interview panting and 45 minutes late. Not a good beginning. But he also lugged 60 pages of detailed plans for the season. And won the job by showing exactly how he would create a winning season for the team.

Give them visuals: Coach Ryan started the season by telling his players they would meet President Obama after Miami. During the playoffs, he sported a Jets Super Bowl shirt. He even gave his team a detailed post-season schedule (verboten in football) including a victory parade in their honor.

Make hard work fun: This was his dream, head coaching for the NFL, and his players were enveloped by his commitment and sheer joy of the game. Rookie quarterback throwing too many interceptions? Ryan made Sanchez his project and created a color-coded system to improve his decision-making. They started winning. They got their swagger back.

Did the Jets reach the moon? Not this year. But they got to play amongst the stars.  


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