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Your Sweet-Spot (And How To Find It)

When I met “Zelda”, she had just finished her first year in business. But instead of congratulating herself for replacing her former income (plus 35%), she was considering going back into corporate. Not because she didn’t like being a solo, … Continue reading

How To Get The Best (Free) Advice

Sometimes, you just need some quick, actionable and yes—free—advice. As a consulting business + brand expert, I get asked for “free” all the time. I’ve been asked to read and comment on entire manuscripts. To spend a half-day driving to/from … Continue reading

The Difference Between A Professional And A Hack

If Turning Pro author Steven Pressfield were whispering in my ear giving advice on two recent projects, I’m pretty sure he’d have said: hire the pro—not the amateur—and never EVER the hack. We got it half right. Guy #1: The … Continue reading

Your Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be A Life Sentence

Your brand is the promise—implied and explicit—you make to your ideal clients and buyers. It’s the essential truth of your firm, your services and products and, well, you. It’s the emotional tug to your sweet-spot audience that creates evangelists to … Continue reading

Getting Your Brilliance Used

It’s one thing to feel brilliant. To master your craft and build seemingly endless wisdom to offer your ideal clients. It’s another thing to actually get your brilliance used. To have a steady stream of clients, readers, buyers (take your … Continue reading

The Eight Influential Books (For Consultants) I’ve Read This Year

Like you, I read. A lot. If I’m being 100% candid, a goodly share of my reads are thrillers—think John Sandford (Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers), Lee Childs (Jack Reacher) and Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch). The more (smart) action the … Continue reading