The Power of One

The year is brand-spanking new. And you’ve probably already made a list of resolutions for 2011. If you’re like most folks though, by say mid-January, you’ll have stopped, forgotten, moved to other things.

So forget resolutions. In fact, try banning the word from your vocabulary.

Instead, choose 1 action you will take. As in “I will…” It can be a small thing–there is great power in small, continuous movement. One additional call a day/a week can easily turn into 5 or 10 improved relationships or new projects this year.

Or, maybe this is the year you go big. You launch that new service line, write that book, revamp your brand.

It doesn’t matter which, really. What matters is that you commit fully, tell yourself the truth about what you want and permit yourself no excuses.

That is the power of one: sheer focus. Simplicity. Clarity.

Where will you focus your power this year?


  • Danita

    This is great! Resolutions are short lived but simply choosing to do something new or different one day at time builds a routine and even momentum. Thanks for sharing.

  • Happy New Year, Rochelle!

    Resolution . . . Useless
    Resolution plus Action Plan . . . Useful, maybe
    Resolution plus Action Plan plus Support and Accountability . . . Now we’re talking results!


  • dogear6 (Nancy)

    I haven’t done resolutions for years. Instead, I set personal goals of what I want to accomplish during the year. I review them frequently and adjust as needed. The workplace requires me to set goals for the year; doing so on a personal level leads to needed improvements, accomplishments, a better life and more fun.

  • Ah yes–routine, accountability, support, momentum, flexibility, adjustment. Danita, Mike and Nancy, I like how you each approach this and make it work for you–excellent!

  • Tom

    “I will” is of limited value. It’s like people who say they will quit smoking, start exercising, or finish their degree someday. “I commit to…by…” establishes accountability and serves as a springboard into action.

  • After the campaign season ended I resolved not to allow myself to fill any extra time during business hours with non-business/ professional endeavors –even though I have that flexibility in my unique practice. With my kids out of college, absent an emergency I solely focus on my practice and its development during the business day. I takes discipline as I would sometimes trade time during the day for eves. No longer. And I am liking it.

  • “I will” without personal accountability rarely works–we need the discipline to make it so. Corey, good for you for making a decision and holding yourself accountable. Structure suits many of us…

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