The Brand Called Snooze

Is this you? Pushing so hard in so many directions, that your keyboard looks like an excellent place for a nap?

Don’t let this become your signature.

It can happen in a heartbeat. Look back over the last week. How many times did you open a conversation (live or virtual) with some variation of “I’m tired?”

If it’s more than once, it is spidering its way into your personal marketing.


Can you think of a single instance where mentioning fatigue will draw the right clients closer to you?

I thought not. Your being tired isn’t your audience’s problem—so why make it their problem? The very last thing you want is a potential client wondering if you’ve got the energy to work with them.

Maybe this one belongs in the “I’ll just keep this to myself” category.


  • Definitely keep it to yourself. “Busy” is better.

    Over twenty years ago I had someone who wanted to meet me (I am a business consultant and executive recruiter for lawyers) say he missed his appointment because he was napping. I hesitated to make another appointment, but, being young, I did. When this person again missed his appointment because he was “napping” I realized there was no way we would ever meet. I have shared this person’s humorous, but probably actually sad, story within every working situation I have been in since.

  • I LOVE this story–K.C. “The napper” is definitely not a powerhouse personal brand!

  • I prefer to “induce” folks to ask where I get my energy from; to talk about weekend full-court basketball.

  • Right you are Rochelle ! How we show up says so much about what we are willing to put in to the client’s experience. If I can’t be present to the conversation with an energy level commensurate with the client’s needs, then I will postpone until a time when I can. I don’t believe in being inauthentic, but sometimes we need to act “as if.”

  • peter getpff

    Rochelle, I couldn’t agree more-what a turnoff. Another way to look at the issue that you pose is in terms of self-disclosure-choosing what, when, how we share about ourselves and what are our motivations-conscious and unconscious-in doing so.

    Thanks again for one of your pinpoint lazer insights! I love ’em.

  • Corey, Karen and Peter,
    Great points all–thank you! The core issue you all touch is being authentic while still deciding what/how to share. The mark of a true professional is perhaps finding the right balance between them…

  • I keep forgetting to tell you – your mantra of be unforgettable – I love the bright colors in your E-mails and on your website. They work and certainly make you unforgettable.

  • Okay. . . my second E-mail posted, but not the first. Try again –

    One thing I find is that energy generates energy. If I respond with a “I’m great and I’ve been doing xxx” (pick one thing only – don’t overwhelm the conversation) – whoever I am talking to or E-mailing with will usually respond with the same high level of enthusiasm and energy.


  • Thanks for your thoughts on generating energy Nancy–your leading with the positive is an excellent strategy…

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