When High Touch Is Your Thing

  • Category: Tribe Building

I spent a chunk of this week on a Derek Sivers binge—podcast interviews, his book “Anything You Want” and a ton of articles.

When I signed up for his list—already clearly a fan—the next day an email arrived with the header “Thanks, but who are you?”

Of course I know it’s an auto message, but his request to “tell me anything about yourself…like where you live and what you do” was intriguing.

So I answered and…he wrote back.

And it wasn’t an auto reply—it was specific to my note.

No big deal you might say, but I think I remember hearing that he has 150,000+ subscribers, so multiply that effort by a really big number.

Think about that: a well-known thinker/author actually invites new subscribers to connect—and then engages personally.

I’m willing to bet it blows more than a few minds.

So here’s a Derek Sivers takeaway for your own business: if high touch is your thing, where else can you build it into your practice?

(Note to self: go update new subscriber emails right damned now.)