This Is The Time For Experiences

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What happens between you and your clients, buyers and audience right now will be etched in their minds forever.

They may not recall the details, but they will remember whether or not you showed up for them.

Which is why this is actually an ideal time for you to create indelible experiences for your tribe.

We consultants don’t always think in those terms—we’re pretty much hard-wired to think about our analysis, our outcomes, whether our advice is right.

But clients buy us—and stay with us—for the experiences we give them. For how we make them feel. (If you want to really dig into this idea, check out our interview with Joe Pine, co-author of The Experience Economy here and our “aftermath” episode here).

The cool part is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re talking simple, from the heart actions that cement the bonds you’ve already created.

Some recent favorites:

An offer to mentor furloughed employees who want to set up on-line businesses.

Extending coaching calls and offering extra support through the added complexity and stress of the current situation.

Feedback on resumes to laid off clients and their staffs, including making highly personal introductions to contacts who can help.

Doorstep deliveries of age-appropriate toys and games for parents trying to work and home school.

Making a risky offer—an insight, an idea that isn’t obvious—to your client. No fee, no need to hire you to explore it, just a gift.

Off the books, situational advice for clients who need a sounding board.

Adult beverages and foods tailored to the client’s taste buds sent special delivery.

Short (sometimes hilarious) videos on whatever is occupying the client’s mind at the moment (made for them or sourced on-line).

Cards, snail mail letters and even zoom cocktail hours to kick your relationship up a notch.

Rocket science? Hardly. And really, that’s the point.

This is all about your relationships and how to make them even stickier. Because when times are tough your relationships will get worse or they’ll get better.

And the direction is entirely up to you.