This Is The Time For Resonance

  • Category: Tribe Building

A large piece of building authority is creating thought leadership—the insights and dialogue that resonate with your ideal audience and lead them to your brand of transformation.

But it’s also about building relationships.

And the perfect place to start usually isn’t with the obvious—the big names whose approval might hand you a break-through—but with the people in your circle with whom you resonate.

Resonate as in you each feel an emotional response to the other.

Because it’s that emotional connection that is most likely to inspire you to help each other—to give because it feels good to EACH of you.

The beauty part? You’re not limited to the people you already know. You can easily scroll through your social media connections (or THEIR connections) to find potential partners-in-crime.

Strike up a few on-line conversations to see if your instinct proves true and deepen those where you’re feeling the right visceral connection.

Now is the time to double down on building long-term relationships.