Help Your Audience Make A Decision About You

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Can we agree that your clients and buyers—your audience—will make a decision about you when this time of uncertainty is over?

They’ll decide you were there for them or you weren’t.

They’ll decide they like you or discover they don’t trust you.

They’ll decide to listen to you or turn away.

The thing is, you can 100% influence their choice by making your own decisions: to show up, to share, to be brave, to take risks.

Take three restaurants in my city that have taken different paths, even though they all have similar menus, settings and pricing.

Restaurant #1 pivoted on a dime and turned their business into a primo carryout and delivery service. They send witty, creative emails a few times a week, set up GoFundMe accounts for their employees and offer a few limited deals that wind up feeling like you’ve joined a special club.

Restaurant #2 decided to close completely, but the owner upped his email game. He held virtual cocktail hours on zoom and eventually decided to offer a limited carryout menu. He continues doing charitable work in the community and also set up a fund for employees.

Restaurant #3 closed completely and added an announcement to their website that they’d open when the county permitted them to do so. Nothing on what they’re doing for their people, no updates on their progress, no emails to keep us connected. No idea how they’re doing or what they’re doing.

I’ve already made my decision on #1 and #2—and it’s all good.

But #3 has some ground to make up.

Which is my point about your audience.

Not showing up is bad.

Being present, even when things are imperfect, is far better. It makes us root for you, listen to you and want to buy from you.

Which means we’ll decide to keep you in our circle.