Headlines (And Intent) Matter

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Yesterday an email with this title landed in my inbox: “Never squander a crisis”.

Say what???

Yes, Winston Churchill may have said something similar at Yalta, as did Rahm Emanuel during the 2008 financial crisis.

But. You. Don’t. Use. It. To. Sell.

Here was the attached copy (lightly edited to remove identifiers):

” Dear Rochelle,

We’re seeing more visits to our websites, more plays on videos and more listens to our podcast.

The world of (our specialty) may be at home, but they’re seeking out (us) as a source of knowledge. Stories like (link to Article 1) and (link to Article 2) and (link to Article 3)  are trending ahead of expectation and garnering incredible visibility.

By partnering with us as a sponsor, you can benefit from unprecedented pageviews, incredible social engagement and diverse range of ways to communicate the value of your brand [sic].

Don’t hesitate. Lead from the front with (us).”

Probably like you, I threw up in my mouth a little after reading this. This isn’t merely tone deaf, but more like grave dancing.

The apology email took a full eight hours (rather shocking it took them that long) and while it was done well, the damage to their credibility isn’t over. How quickly do you suppose their “partners” will line up to sponsor them?

Of course you wouldn’t send out an email like this.

It’s just further proof that in this situation, you can build trust, authority and relationships.

Or you can tear them down.