There Is No One Path To Authority…

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When the hubby and I first explored moving to Palm Springs from LA, we started checking out the local food scene.

High on my wish list was a damned fine bagel.

Luckily, I found my now favorite bagel shop (waaaaay better than my go-to spot back in the big city). It’s small, friendly and relentlessly focused on producing consistently delicious New York-style bagels.

Here’s the story the owner shared:

“My husband Andy wanted to bake full time after 30 years of software development. He started making bagels as a challenge for himself. He would bring samples to our coffee group on the weekends. Then, we sold bagels and breads at the Palm Springs and Palm Desert Farmers Markets for 3 years. Eventually, Andy asked me if we could open a storefront…We will have owned it 5 years this August.”

Here’s my point: this bagel baker was a software developer with a passion beyond code.

He worked at his big idea—New York bagels in the desert—while doing his day job. He kept experimenting—testing—his “outcomes” with real live audiences.

And when he was sure the conditions were right (stellar outcomes, working in his genius zone) he pulled the trigger on his dream.

There is no one path to authority…