What If Imposter Syndrome Wasn’t A Thing?

  • Category: Authority Mindset

We’ve all heard of imposter syndrome—the idea that our success is due to luck vs. talent and hard work.

It can cause high levels of anxiety and dysfunction, which of course is when it’s time to call in an expert, like say a psychologist.

That’s not what we’re talking about here.

There is instead a perfectly natural fear that often comes when building your authority.

The fear that holds you back from really pushing your ideas—and yourself—out into the world.

It might simply be a moment that makes you NOT hit publish or rethink a fiery piece of content you’re hesitating to release.

Or it might go deeper, where you resist making a major move you know is in you.

Well, what if we didn’t label that “imposter syndrome”?

What if we just called it what it is: fear of the unknown.

It’s not a syndrome. It’s not a “thing”. It’s just garden-variety fear.

Which means we know what we have to do: act anyway.

Because when faced with fear, we have two options: run away or act. We call the latter courage.

And we need a good healthy dose of it to become authorities.