Who’s Buying What You’re Selling?

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Who’s buying what you’re selling?

Kind of obvious question, I know. You may have asked yourself this question countless times as you develop new content and services/products.

But maybe it’s worth drilling down even deeper to discover some nuances you may not have noticed before.

One client did this when rethinking his website and realized that one of the traits of his best clients was that they were skeptics. That’s not usually an ideal quality in clients, but his level of data grinding was far more intense than his peers and the skeptics loved him. So he started working more description about outcomes for skeptics into his content and marketing.

I once designed an information product for American consultants—but the overwhelming majority of buyers were European. Turns out they were looking for insight into the U.S. market—some non-English speakers even had it translated themselves.

The thing is, your market isn’t always static.

You may have been selling to the same target demo for years and all of a sudden you see new folks putting their noses under the tent.

It pays to know what they value and why. They just might be a new source for your brand of transformations.