Stepping Up To Be Heard

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I just hung up from a conversation with a smart, articulate expert in her niche.

She has something very specific to say to her small (but growing) audience during this crazy time we’re living through, and yet she hadn’t pulled the trigger.

The stumbling block?

The what if’s crashing around in her head: “What if nobody reads it? What if people make fun of me/my work? What if the sharp-knifed trolls come out? What if…”

You get the drift.

Know that none of that matters. Sure making a stumble won’t feel great, but what matters MORE is that you get in the habit of communicating with your people.

Your ideas, your voice, your style, your platforms.

In their perfect imperfection.

If you don’t speak up now, in the midst of chaotic change, when will be the time? The world needs your thoughtful voice right now…