Building The Bank

  • Category: Authority MindsetRunning Your Business

There are many different ways to look at the current pandemic situation when it comes to your business.

But they mostly boil down to two opposites: make decisions from fear or move boldly forward.

Yes, you have to make sure you can buy food and keep a roof over your head—and have enough resources so you’re not worrying constantly.

But beyond that, there are benefits to using this time to react from a calm, longer-term orientation.

One of my clients calls it “building the bank”. He knows he can’t come out selling right now (his clients are feeling a psychological and economic hit), but he can build for the future.

So he’s writing extra content, stockpiling it for when his client base will be better able to absorb it (and the media will consider stories beyond COVID-19).

He’s rethinking his website and is lining up resources—like a designer and developer—who are grateful for the work right now.

That’s the long-term, strategic outlook of an authority, a leader.

If you’re not in that place yet, I get it. But you might want to commit to building your resources after we get through this event—so you’re ready for the next test of market leadership.