Good Selling (When You Think You Can’t)

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You’re trying to figure out how to sell your services or your stuff as everyone grapples with a new reality.

You don’t want to give even the appearance of taking advantage of a situation or seeming desperate because your work has slowed down.

So let me share a great example of selling (yes it’s about laundry, but bear with me). And what makes it even better is that I’d never heard of Tru Earth before my friend sent over their email:

“Right now the world is full of uncertainty.

Many businesses have shut down and people have lost their jobs.

Which means Covid-19 is not only causing fear, but also anxiety about how people will take care of their families.

Despite all these terrible circumstances, there has also been a lot of positive, hopeful things happening in the world.

I’ve personally watched communities come together to support those in need.

It has been inspiring to see what we can accomplish when we come together to help one another.

Together we have a way we can contribute…

We’ve made the easy decision to match your order and donate the equivalent laundry detergent to food banks and shelters around North America. 

We started this initiative last week and it has really taken off.

So far we will be sending out over 200,000 laundry strips to those in need. 

Would you like to get involved?

We’ve made it simple to do so. 

All you’ll need to do is buy an annual bundle of 384 eco-strips.

We will match your order and add another 384 eco-strips to the donation amount that will be going to the food banks and shelters.

This is a great way to get laundry strips delivered to your door, and you’ll be helping those in need.

Click here to save 33% on 384-pack of eco-strips and support this initiative for food banks and shelters across North America.

We are all in this together,

Ryan McKenzie

What makes this great?

First, their idea—replacing gallons of laundry detergent with small light-weight strips—is a break-through for those who want to reduce their footprint (or stop lugging those jugs around).

Second, they are sharing their product at a time when keeping things clean and sanitary is of major interest.

Third, they are donating supplies to food banks and shelters, which means you can also feel good about helping others.

And fourth, their transparency made one of their committed customers forward it to me with a personal testimonial. Since my pal happens to be a stickler for products that serve a greater good (she tested this one for two months), I didn’t have to think—I simply clicked, read the description and bought a year’s supply.

Yes, this is about laundry, not authority.

But the principles are exactly the same: start with a great idea, execute it well, serve a distinct population and share with your tribe.