Making The Time You Give Count

  • Category: Running Your Business

I made an impetuous decision to make a couple of non-surgical masks myself instead of ordering some. Then I ordered extra fabric, figuring I’d make a couple for us and maybe 10-20 extras to give to our neighbors or maybe the senior center.

Bad plan. Because it turns out that I really don’t like making masks.

As I was finishing the first, I was grouchy and looking for any excuse not to do another one.

It would be deeply embarrassing to tell you how much time the two I completed took, but let’s just say if I were to sell them as a way to recoup time spent, they’d have to be diamond-plated.

So let’s get this straight: I spent a bunch of time on something I suck at and produced a product you could buy on-line for $5 (OK, so mine are cuter, but still).

Can we agree that’s a bad trade?

What if I’d spent that time instead with consultants struggling with their business? I’d have provided a ton more value and felt a whole lot better about my “contribution”.

So here’s the thing: when you want to give your time generously, give your best talents and passions to those who will make best use of them.