Yes, You Can Still Sell Now

  • Category: Selling

Selling right now is a delicate balance, but yes, you can still sell.

You might even be surprised by how much your clients and buyers appreciate it.

My hair stylist offered a kit to color at home until she is allowed to do the job properly. She sent a quick text with a price—a ton more than drugstore color, but less than a salon visit—along with the day and two hour window when she’d drop it off.

I left her a check under the doormat and she left me a full kit including instructions and even a pair of disposable gloves (because where can you find those now?)

She pivoted from her “normal” and embraced it. Naturally her clients were thrilled to buy from her because we have a problem she solves and we can get some revenue flowing her way. Win-win.

To sell now, we have to look at the world through our client’s eyes.

Oh wait, we always had to do that…

Selling your work may look a little (or even a lot) different than it did a month ago.

But as long as you stay sensitive to what’s going on around you and keep trying to solve your clients’ problems, they will welcome you.