You Can Strengthen The Daisy Chain

  • Category: Authority Mindset

Confidence—how you feel about yourself and your business—is a priceless commodity right now. I wrote about why it’s important to boost your audience’s confidence here.

But what’s equally important is that each of our individual levels of confidence are part of a daisy chain with the people who buy our services, sell us theirs or benefit from our teachings.

What helps one can help many.

For example: I had a prospective client who put our coaching work (still in the proposal stage) on hold because of the current situation.

Perfectly understandable, so it was quite a surprise when I got an email a week later that “Oliver” wanted to proceed after all.

The change? He signed a new client—one who decided not to let dire predictions keep them from investing in their business. That confidence gave Oliver the confidence to hire me.

And the happy surprise of having a “not now” turn into a yes, gave my confidence a boost, which I’ll use to hire or teach the next person in our daisy chain.

We are all connected, which means when we act with confidence, we inspire others to do the same.