How Effective Is Your Client Targeting?

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Try an experiment with me please.

Go to the websites of three of your potential competitors—successful firms or soloists with similar services and target market. If you can’t find three who tick off both boxes, choose one who at least hits the first.

Go to their About and Services pages and read what’s there—out loud (for some reason, hearing AND seeing it will tend to intensify your reaction).

As you read each one, consider three questions:

How would you describe their ideal client?

In comparing their ideal to yours, can you see discernible differences between you?

If you were a client (vs. a subject matter expert), what would you find appealing about working with them?

Here’s the purpose of this exercise: to train yourself to think like your ideal client as you continue to tweak (and occasionally overhaul) your web copy to attract them.

To match your words to the state of mind that client is in when they come looking for you.

And it’s frankly easier to see how your competitors are doing it (even when they do it badly) than to critique your own copy.

Once you’ve done the exercise, come back and read those same pages on your own site.

How’d you do?

If you see an opportunity to better entice your ideal client, dive in. There’s no time like the present.