Another Way To Use Your Point Of View

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A friend of mine has a brilliant idea for a podcast in a niche where there are no existing competitive shows.

By the time we spoke, he’d figured out his target audience, a starting format and even a few naming ideas.

He’d narrowed down how his hosting role would work and how it could potentially play into creating a new revenue stream for his business.

The only thing he hadn’t considered was his point of view.

What did he believe about this new-to-him niche and the players in the space? What would make them more successful or trip them up?

How could he apply his particular talents and strengths to lifting up the members of this community?

It’s not that he hadn’t thought about those things—it’s that he hadn’t yet committed (writing it down helps) to a specific point of view.

Clarifying that viewpoint will allow him to multiply his effectiveness and ultimately zero in on his ideal listeners (not to mention tell him where and how to distribute it to build his audience).

Think of your point of view as a compass to make sure you keep heading in the right direction.