Making Our Clients The Hero

  • Category: Clients

We consultants love to play the hero.

We swoop in our white horse, solve all those vexing problems, bask in the success and move on to the next “damsel” in distress.

When you’re wired as a problem solver, it’s hard not to look at your work exactly this way.

And yet, when we make our client the hero, we win even more.

Because the transformations we make live on permanently only when they become truly embedded in the client.

When the client sees it as his or her own hero’s journey.

Where they become the captain of this new-found state you helped them forge.

The minute—no the second—they see themselves as the hero of their own transformation, you’ve multiplied the likelihood they’re going to complete it successfully and keep on growing.

Which means the question we have to keep asking is this: how can we keep engaging clients in the work so they become the hero of their own story?