Engaging Your (New) Tribe

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“Sean” has been making a 90 degree pivot in his niche—an audience and message refinement that required some new positioning and fresh messaging.

He started small(ish)—with his existing list and client base—and worked out some kinks in his new point of view by writing regularly and asking for feedback.

Then he pitched a few bloggers and niche media types who published a handful of his thought pieces.

His audience grew.

He prepped a multi-day workshop, found himself a hosting partner and started attracting folks from their audience (now on a COVID hold).

He could have just given up and waited for the world to return to “normal”.

Instead, he overhauled his website to fully reflect his pivot. He found a link between his expertise and COVID that inspired him to reach out to bigger, name-brand media types who are starting to pay attention.

And from that exposure he’s received a few unsolicited interview requests from the other trailblazers in his new pivot.

In a year that’s been challenging for so many reasons, Sean has built some serious assets for the future by engaging the (newly) like-minded.

The work of engaging others to build your authority never stops. Even when it feels like the world has.

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