Five Signs Your Message Isn’t Working

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Three weeks back when Jonathan and I went deep on how to break into a new specialty, one of the questions that popped up in social media was this: How will you know if your (new) message isn’t working?

We thought that was excellent fodder for our latest episode where we explore five signs that might indicate your message (your niche, your position, your content) isn’t working:

What to do when your audience growth stalls—or worse.

How to shake things up when you’re out of content ideas—and discerning the difference between a dry spell and when you need to make real change.

When someone keeps “beating” you—and you’re feeling like you’re in the shadow of a competitor. Hint: perception isn’t always reality.

Dealing with a true revenue plateau—including how to decide which signs and metrics to pay attention to.

What to do if your ideal prospects just don’t get what you’re selling or when they’re comparing you to the wrong options.

 Listen to the episode here.