Dialing Into Your Genius Zone

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Yesterday’s topic got a handful of questions centered on this: how you do dial into your genius zone?

Know that it’s not usually a one-and-done exercise, but you can start working on it by considering five questions:

What lights you up?

What are your key talents and passions—the ones you literally can’t live without?

What have you created when you felt most open—when love for what you were doing literally coursed through your veins? Who did you create it for/with? Where were you? (tip: try dissecting your best projects, jobs or roles for clues.)

What kinds of problems do you solve? What do people ask you for over and over again?

What do you love so much you might even do it without pay?

Resist the inclination to judge (“Oh, I can’t make a living doing that.”)—just try to get very clear on what puts you firmly into your genius zone.

And while you’re doing that, try saying no to work that isn’t getting you closer to it.

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