Ignore Your Genius Zone At Your Peril

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When you first started out in independent consulting, you probably found yourself saying yes to any project that crossed your path.

And not just because you wanted to pay your bills, but because each one sounded unique and fun—you’ll be in charge! You’ll be getting paid directly for your work with no annoying bosses between you and your client.

But after you’ve been at it a few years, not everything sounds like an automatic yes.

Instead, you’ve built yourself some clarity about your genius zone and you start getting selective as you build your reputation and body of work.

What kinds of clients do you serve best? Which ones give you nightmares?

What parts of your work do clients really respond to—maybe even more than what you thought you were actually selling?

Because here’s the thing: you ignore your genius zone at your peril.

It’s the Rosetta Stone that will guide you to truly enjoying your work, building market authority and making a great living.

The trick? Pay attention to the signs you get every single day as to whether you are moving closer to your genius zone or farther away (hint: this may change over time, so periodic self check-ins are a very good idea).

You didn’t start your own business to work anywhere other than from your genius.

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