What Consultants Need Right Now

  • Category: Running Your BusinessTribe Building

The one thing that I’ve been hearing over and over again from clients and fellow consulting types is this: right now, we need connection.

We’re serving clients while trying to figure out the right next moves in our businesses and coming to grips with a new global reality.

Despite (or because of) “social distancing”, it’s not the time to feel alone. We each need a tribe of peers for connection, advice, ideas and support.

So rather than a thought piece today, I decided to do something about that.

Think one part brain trust, one part forum to meet new allies.

It’s called #ConsultantsTrust, and it’s a new, free Slack space I’ve just set up for consultants.

You can ask questions, offer up ideas or just lurk to soak up some tribal energy.

The goal is for us all to keep moving forward, doing the next right thing.

Join the #ConsultantsTrust Slack.

And yes, you can share the link with your pals who you think might benefit from joining.

Let’s get through this together.