Becoming Even More Trustworthy

  • Category: Authority Mindset

Your insights and your point of view must be believed before you can influence an audience, much less expect them to buy from you.

It comes down to trust: can you and therefore your worldview be trusted?

Thankfully, we can become even more trustworthy.

Charles Green’s trust equation boils it right down to the essence: 

Trustworthiness = Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy

                                             Self Orientation

 While we can certainly work on the numerator, what draws the eye is the denominator—because it’s pretty tough to be trusted if our self-orientation is high.

And right now especially, the world is hyper-sensitive to the self-absorbed. We’re listening to those who lead with their audience’s needs clearly in mind (and ignoring the rest).

Which means the simple solution to building authority during chaos is to double down on helping your sweet-spot.

To give generously of yourself and your ideas—maybe even taking a few risks to do so—so your audience knows you’re right there with them.

p.s. For a deeper dive into trustworthiness, listen to our podcast interview with trust maven Charles Green here.