Building New Revenue Streams

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With the current upheaval in the world, who couldn’t use some new revenue streams?

Jonathan and I focus on six alternative ways—all developed and delivered virtually—to start building new revenue streams right now.

Episode Notes

1:15—Leveraging your expertise into an unconventional (short!) self-published e-book.

11:16—Developing a “set it and forget it” course: how to price it and target your audience.

14:06—Building (and pricing) high engagement virtual workshops.

24:13—On-line seminars (think a workshop/self-paced course hybrid) and the rewards of building a peer group cohort.

30:24—Starting membership communities and paid subscriptions, including how to leverage your time to increase membership value.

34:50—How to deliver virtual advisory and coaching options at various price points and engagement levels.

38:50—Evaluating the difficulty of selling vs. delivering each model to help you decide what to do first.