Are They Worthy?

  • Category: Running Your BusinessTribe Building

When you’re building authority and your message is getting traction, the unsolicited invites will start arriving to your in box.

A podcast/video interview, requests to collaborate on a piece or leverage your audience for what is hopefully a mutual benefit.

How do you decide which to accept?

Try asking if they are “worthy”—and no, that’s not about ego, but about your assessment of the mutual value you can bring to each other.

So worthy might include outlets with much smaller audiences than your own. As long as you’re aligned on values and outcomes, a small “yes”—like say to guesting on a podcast—is an easy one.

Worthy probably won’t include—even if they have giant audiences—those where you have a fundamental mismatch in style or message.

And worthy will quickly exclude those who can’t find a way to create a mutual benefit (like those virtual summits horse-trading emails and products).

It’s not only OK to say no when a request isn’t worthy, it’s required if you want to stay on mission.

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