A Little “New” Authority

  • Category: Tribe Building

As a design and organization junkie, my Instagram feed is chock-full of beautiful images.

And yet The Home Edit always stands out, not least because they’ve done a remarkable job at branding and building a tribe with real authority.

Maybe you’ve seen their new Netflix show flash across your screen, but don’t let that mislead you into thinking they’re a Hollywood one-shot wonder.

Quite the contrary.

Their show is the culmination of years of conventional authority building (hard work, eventual celebrity clients, a new book) combined with the unconventional (funny, sometimes goofy Instagram videos and some serious social media chops).

They’ve embraced some “new” authority, while still doing the foundational work required of any market authority.

Clea and Joanna own a frankly challenging business (going into private homes and cleaning up messes) and yet have figured out how to scale it up, engage almost 3 million followers and keep doling out their brand of wisdom to a set of raving fans.

So here’s the takeaway, even if your authority isn’t easily visual or consumer-friendly: what unconventional approaches just might hook YOUR ideal audience?

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