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7 Day Social Media Cleanse: How A Week Without Social Media Rebooted My Mindset

It all started with a seemingly simple decision in early December: to move inland, tucked between the mountains of Los Angeles. While I’ve moved many times, little did I understand the challenges of finding the exact perfect spot in the … Continue reading

Making Time For Creativity—The Four Essentials

We are all born creative. The urge to create—to put your stamp on something—is innate. And even if you don’t define yourself by your creativity, your business thrives on it. It’s the engine that produces your ideas, services and products … Continue reading

Naming Your Company (And Your Services And Products)

When I co-founded my first company, we agonized over our first big decision: our name. After a couple of interminable sessions covering the walls of a Chicago conference room with color-coded sticky notes, we finally emerged with an idea that … Continue reading

Six Signs Your Brand Needs A Makeover

Your consulting or advisory business is tooling along, but falls far short of the big platform performance you’ve always envisioned. Or you have a big, bold idea and it’s just not catching fire with your audience—it feels like you’re on … Continue reading

Taking It Over The Edge

There is a thing that brilliant creatives do—they push their work not just to the edge, but over the edge. And then they pull it back. Homaro Cantu of Moto started the molecular gastronomy movement (think science, technology and art) … Continue reading

White Space

White space: the empty, negative space around the elements of a design. Designers use white space to make their key pieces pop. They draw the eye exactly where they want it to go. So can you. For the visual aspects … Continue reading