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Making Time For Creativity—The Four Essentials

We are all born creative. The urge to create—to put your stamp on something—is innate. And even if you don’t define yourself by your creativity, your business thrives on it. It’s the engine that produces your ideas, services and products … Continue reading

Turning Up Your Velocity

You’re doing some—or maybe even MANY—of the right things to grow your consultancy or advisory business. And yet your progress feels ever so s-l-o-w. Sluggish compared to what you know, deep in your bones, is possible. If you could just … Continue reading

First You Create

“Don’t confuse getting inspired with getting things done. Create before you consume.” Marie Forleo Sheila’s advisory practice was in growth mode. Her big challenge? Devoting the time to build her digital platform to grow beyond her current client base. But … Continue reading

In Creation Mindset

I spent the summer thoroughly ensconced in creation mindset. What’s creation mindset? It’s when you’re in the midst of creating something new—a book, a program, a piece of art, a website, a business—and the universe conspires with you to remove … Continue reading

Discover Your Copywriting Mojo

Your copy—website, marketing pieces, email blasts—MATTERS. It tells your world who they’re dealing with. ARE YOU SHOUTING, TRYING TO CAPTURE ATTENTION? Or are you more of a conversationalist? Maybe you like to create a little drama and intrigue, the better … Continue reading

The One Habit Of Wildly Successful Business Writers

“The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People” was a ground-breaker back in 1990. Not because it embraced the idea that business success was about principles, although that resonated. It’s because Stephen Covey made it simple. “Begin with the end in … Continue reading