In Creation Mindset

I spent the summer thoroughly ensconced in creation mindset.

What’s creation mindset?

It’s when you’re in the midst of creating something new—a book, a program, a piece of art, a website, a business—and the universe conspires with you to remove obstacles from your path and inspire magical thinking.

It’s when you’re in flow, oblivious to the passage of time and totally focused on your work, almost effortlessly tapping into your talents and passions.

It’s when you count the moments until you can get back to your “baby”.

In short, it’s a completely marvelous way to live and work.

I have quite intentionally designed my work to focus on creation—the vast majority of it for my clients’ brands. But this summer was different. I finally made the commitment to dive in and complete the Be Unforgettable Digital Kit I’ve been dancing around for over two years (more on that soon).

And yes, I did have to occasionally consult my tattered copy of Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art” when I found myself clicking on a Houzz Tour instead of tackling a cumbersome sentence.


In the end, I spent every spare moment of flip-flop season in deep creation. Writing, creating, producing. Deeply loving the process even when it made me crazy.

It reminded me yet again what I most want to share with you.

That when you decide to adopt a creation mindset the universe rises up to meet you.

Big chunks of time suddenly appear on your calendar (you might grumble about that at first).

You receive a gift of three days—THREE DAYS—at a quiet B+B to focus on nothing else.

Someone you hadn’t spoken to in ages appears on your radar, offering a much-appreciated hand.

Your partners-in-crime aren’t out at the beach, but happily ready to dig in.

The entire process reinforces that your best work is about creation. A new solution for that pesky client problem. A bet-the-business approach for a suffering company. The book that puts your ideas firmly into the zeitgeist.

Don’t let your precious creation ideas lie dormant for two years. Or five. Or 10. Bring them out into the light.

Give them some air.

Commit yourself to doing them—or consign them to the dustbin and move on.

The world awaits your best creations…

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  • I was going to say something semi clever like: I spent my summer playing golf and taking grandsons to the pool & beach. But instead I decided to say: Welcome back Rochelle. I missed you.

  • Rochelle

    I missed you too Ed! Writing for this space is a welcome creative habit and I missed doing it. Having the space to finish my upcoming kit though was priceless…

  • Carving out time makes so much sense. I know Multi tasking is not real but Multi-thinking – pondering during a ride ofr the free time between appointments that I use to respond today, moments at a concert of game at a ball park, a moment at a BBQ – all present opportunities to put so ething(s) into focus for further development. I often use the afternoons after morning full court hoops to work a lot of projects out. I even bought a second external screen to have one that I can use sitting out on my deck.

  • Rochelle

    Oh that deck idea sounds perfect Corey…

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