How To Turn Your World Upside Down (In A GOOD Way)

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.” Freidrich Nietzsche


It’s both the simplest and most complex tool you have in your arsenal.

When you write well—using your authentically unique voice to target your sweet-spot slice of the market—you can literally turn your world upside down.

You can trot out your big idea and share it in dozens if not hundreds or thousands of iterations.

Because the more you write, the more stories you’ll see as you go about your day.

The world around you is chock-full of examples that show your idea in action, or point out how its absence is felt.

When you’re singularly focused, it becomes practically impossible to UNSEE your idea at work around you.

Check out music industry analyst Bob Lefsetz who is a master of this in his Lefsetz Letter.

Designer and new author Paul Jarvis puts a different but effective spin in his Sunday Dispatches.

And software designer Nathalie Lussier ties her life, her beliefs and her products together in her AccessAlly emails.

Those are just a few examples in action to inspire you.

Luckily, it doesn’t matter which niche you occupy or which services and related products you’re selling.

There is a way to write for your tribe to get them stirred up and ready to act.

But here’s the thing.

Nobody—and I do mean nobody—comes out of the gate fully formed.

You have to write, and keep writing, to get the balance and flow perfected for your audience.

To find the authentic rhythm between you and your readers that builds connective tissue between you.

(Tip: Make your target reader so vividly real that you see him or her in your head as you write.)

Write daily, write weekly, but write consistently.

Not every missive will be a masterpiece (and you need to be OK with that or you’ll never be able to hit SEND).

In fact, whether the work that most moves your audience surprises you or delights you, it will teach you.

How to move your readers and—every so often—turn their world upside down.

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