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Eight Reasons You Need To Become An Authority

When I left the big boys to start my first firm, I made the decision to continue to court the dozen or so mega companies where I had built strong relationships. It was a calculated investment since my two-year non-compete … Continue reading

Niche or Just Admit You’re Headed For Irrelevance

If you’re jonesing to be more than just an average player in financial advisory, consulting or coaching, you no longer have a choice. It’s not a question of SHOULD you niche, but how. Think about it. You’re not a financial … Continue reading

Six Signs Your Brand Needs A Makeover

Your consulting or advisory business is tooling along, but falls far short of the big platform performance you’ve always envisioned. Or you have a big, bold idea and it’s just not catching fire with your audience—it feels like you’re on … Continue reading

What Lights You Up?

“Sylvia” started her consulting business after being downsized twice. She was determined to take the reins and direct her own future. A year in, she’d built a handful of client relationships and made about 75% of her former earnings. Not … Continue reading

Why You Need To Pick One Thing To Be Brilliant At

I used to spend summer weekends in a small Michigan town about 70 miles outside of Chicago. There wasn’t enough local or seasonal demand to keep certain kinds of shops in business, so you’d buy your landscaping supplies, do your … Continue reading

What Comes Naturally To You Is Your Greatest Differentiator

Think about that for a moment. Your greatest differentiator is what you might very well be taking for granted. Let’s be clear: It’s probably not about your technical prowess, even if that’s what you think you’re selling. It may be … Continue reading

The Power Of Niche

I’ve heard all the arguments against “niching”—creating a specialty area of expertise and building a highly engaged audience around it. “Niching feels like career suicide.” “I’ve tried it more than once and I just can’t get enough traction to make … Continue reading

Charging What You’re Worth

“I think you value things based on what they cost you…” Kelly Clark, Olympic snow boarder Don’t we all value what costs us most dear? Take the time (Malcolm Gladwell would say it’s a minimum of 10,000 hours) you’ve invested … Continue reading

3 Actions To Build Your Audience—And Revenue (Part 2)

Last week, I gave you some tips to make sure that your “billboard”—your website—is not only current, but compelling and, well, YOU. Done? Once you’ve got your message firmly in place, you are ready to build out your platform—and make … Continue reading

Is Your Price Right?

How do you know if your price is right? a. You have your ideal balance of revenue and work you love doing. b. Your sweet-spot clients thank you when presented with your bill. c. You’ve had potential clients tune out … Continue reading