Why Building Resonance With Your Tribe Will Help You Grow Faster

Resonance: when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up because you’ve just encountered someone on exactly your wavelength.

Like when I met my client “Patrick”. He was networking for an investor (which was not going to be me), but during that conversation we had a business-love-at-first-hearing call.

I knew, with that sort of deep sense of knowing, that he would be a pivotal person in my life in some way.

And he was—he hired me to cook up some magic that turned into a game-changer for both of us.

Here’s the thing: as authority builders, we seek tight resonance with our ideal clients and buyers, our tribe.

We’re constantly dropping breadcrumbs to entice our sweet-spot audience to engage with us, to stay connected with us and—when the time is right—buy from us.

And the more resonance we build, the faster we grow.

You can speed up your resonance—a bit counter-intuitively—by niching down on your audience and your message:

Embrace your niche. Don’t waste months (or years) agonizing over how to slice and dice your audience. Just start experimenting. The tighter you cast your net, the easier your ideal people will find you.

Tune in to your tribe vibe. When you’re building a tribe, you’re setting the vibe—exquisitely aligned with who you are and what you’re selling. As your tribe grows, you’ll learn more about their beliefs, norms and styles, which allows you to enmesh even deeper.

Get down and dirty. Try showing a little bit of your underbelly—candidly sharing what didn’t work, right alongside the amazing things that did. My post What Do You Suck At? where I cop to a lengthy list of non-talents brought me at least two clients who claim they loved the imperfections. How cool is that?

Be selective. There will be people in your digital life who will be game-changers and others who will be a colossal waste of time—and it’s not always blindingly obvious who falls into which category. Try investing only in people where you vibrate with their message, their personality and their vision for the future.

Now imagine if you spent all your time focused only on those with whom you deeply resonate, doing work you care about.

How much more impact, revenue and yes—fun—could you have with your work and your life?

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